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Go easy on the makeup and let your true beauty shine.Not only is it important to show your date what you actually look like (false advertising is never a good thing!

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(On the same note, sleeping with a guy on a first date often guarantees there won’t be a date #2.) Why you should wear sexy undies, even if he won’t be seeing them! We’re inclined to say that this is one instance in which the saying “better late then never” doesn’t apply – but, let’s be honest, standing your date up isn’t a great game plan either!

That being said, being late is neither fashionable nor mysterious. We know, things happen, but really do your best to be punctual.

Social media and cell phones have killed traditional dating and the etiquette that went with it.

What was once a black and white process has somehow seeped into the gray-- where guys and girls text or message back and forth on social media for weeks on end before the guy finally gets up the courage to text the girl he likes to ask her if she will go out with him.

Girls, make sure you don’t lead a guy on because you don’t want to hurt his feelings. You’ll find that these three virtues will go a long way when it comes to dating.