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They refused to explain anything beyond the vague "quality issues" but it's safe to assume that they were contacted by someone (let's call him Jeff), complaining about our content and citing the Snopes article with a ridiculous and slanderous allegation of "malware."Talk about disgusting lies, trolling, prejudice, and fascist tactics.Imagine how Zakaria would complain if his own pay were to be deducted as a result of his online criticism.

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We may yet see some final convulsions before white Middle America is decreased to a manageable number where it can be more easily controlled."The blog post was removed from Zakaria's blog within a few hours, after it began to receive negative attention.

CNN officials have refused to take action against their employee, stating that there was no evidence of hate speech or racism in Zakaria's writings because he only targeted whites and not minorities.

"Some people are just being too sensitive," a CNN representative said in defense of Zakaria, adding that "someone's hurt feelings should not inhibit our right to free speech.""Every death of a white person brings tears of joy to my eyes," Zakaria posted on his Twitter account shortly after having to remove his blog post, in what is believed to be a passive-aggressive response to his critics.

While many have indeed expressed emotional pain and fear after reading his controversial statements, no apology has been heard from Zakaria or CNN at the time of this writing.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Comrade Chedoh, at least one has to admire Fareed Zakaria, The Washington Post and CNN for attempting to raise the current level of political discourse.

“When we called for help, they laughed.” Bags and valuables had “been robbed.” And one 17-year-old is quoted as saying: “I had fingers on every orifice” Sadly it is happening.... In the land and belief they come from, women are just objects, maybe even less.