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Im just glad guilt took over and they confessed within a day. Biological siblings have a natural taboo against sexuality.

We have asked for help from our youth pastor and have talked with the kids about their decision, but we know this has changed our family forever. We were proactive in teaching our children about healthy sexuality and Gods values. It seems that shared DNA is a powerful deterrent to sexual attraction which is one significant reason incest is rare.

Ask someone if they think of their biological siblings in sexual ways and theyll say, Thats gross!

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The first year of marriage is frequently speckled with romantic gestures and snuggling on the couch before bedtime.

All of which communicates the message that "sexuality is alive and well in this household."Developing Teenage Sexuality. It pervades the movies, music, and conversation of the average adolescent. Changes in hormones and physical appearance inside a childs body lead to many confusing thoughts and feelings for teenagers.

Boundaries are particularly important when a stepsibling from another home moves into your home.

Children and teens that have known each other for years, but never have lived together full time, need clear rules of conduct.

Girls, for example, who sleep in their underwear and a long T-shirt may be comfortable walking around the house dressed for bed.