Adult on cam live montreal

The singer did not perform at the funeral, but several of her songs accompanied the service.

As the family left the church, after pausing for photos, ran her finger along the top of the casket and leaned down to kiss it.

The live look is provided by Florida real estate company Dick Pritchett Real Estate.

During the service, was presented with a monogrammed pillow that had been used in the couple's wedding.

She removed a ring tied to the white satin fabric and quietly slipped it on her finger.

A video feed of a Florida eagles’ nest is captivating thousands of viewers tuning in to see eaglets to hatch, live and on-camera.

The Southwest Florida Eagle Camera, which has been livestreaming the nest since 2012, is receiving major interest as people watch adult eagle Harriet and her mates raise eaglets “from birth to fledge.” The latest bundles of joy are expected any day now, leaving some to wonder if they’ll hatch at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017.

Although viewers get a close-up view, the eagles are not aware of the camera that has already documented several nesting seasons in Harriet’s life.