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Comment: I've heard a stiry that AL Capone was responsible for putting the pasteurization dates on milk so his customers knew if the milk was safe to drink, and then approached Chcago, and later the FDA, about mandating this. Capone had mastered the art of politics, and as a wealthy, powerful gangster figure, he attempted to balance his activities.

Despite his illegitimate occupation, he had become a highly visible public figure.

This drew Capone’s interest to the milk business, and he saw several things: the milk distribution business had a shady character – and Capone was comfortable with shady businesses; he didn’t like to see people, especially children sickened by adulterated milk; he saw a potentially high profit in milk distribution; and with Prohibition soon to end, he had a fleet of trucks that could easily be used to transport milk.

Capone took two steps to move into the milk business.

The date on milk cartons showing the expiration date. National Park ranger noted that Al Capone “lobbied for milk bottle dating to ensure the safety of the city’s children.” Although Capone was sent to Alcatraz, it was for the white collar crime of evading taxes on the money he earned distributing alcohol, not for the numerous violent crimes attributed to him, such as the St. It was reported that one of Capone’s family members in Chicago became ill from drinking expired milk.