Are quinn and santana dating

Kurt helps cleaning him up, PG-13 at least Kurt/Finn, Finn goes to Kurt's (don't care for what reason) and Kurt's dad mistakes Finn for his son's boyfriend. Kissing, Any Kurt/Finn, Finn's wedding day, Any Kurt/Finn, First date, Any Kurt/Finn, Getting Caught by Glee members, R-NC17Kurt/Finn, Happy Ending, Any Kurt/Finn, Heartbeat, Any Kurt/Finn, "I honestly love you too", Any Kurt/Finn, Inspired by this: KURT (on Facebook):"...whenever I wear my new corset..." DOMINATRIX!

Kurt, MUST be NC-17Kurt/Finn, Introduction to parents, Any Kurt/Finn, Jealousy, NC-17Kurt/Finn, Kisses on the necks of best friends, Any Kurt/Finn, Kurt feels rejected by Finn and to get back at him acts mean, makes Finn's life a living hell. Kurt/Finn, Kurt says his line "settle down cowboy" in bed, R or NC-17Kurt/Finn, Kurt's Wet Dream-Delicious!

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Fic where Rachel's dream of being a star failed and she's kinda lame and stuck in Lima, but so is Quinn, Any Rachel/Quinn, Future!

fic where they meet again at a NY charity gala, Any Rachel/Quinn, I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, Any Rachel/Quinn, "I'm in love with my own sins.", Any Rachel/Quinn, In which we discover that Quinn wears glasses and rocks them hard, Any Rachel/Quinn, Insisting on singing/reading to Quinn's belly, PG-13 or lower Rachel/Quinn, Jacob hears a rumour about Rachel and Quinn and tries his hardest to find evidence of it, Any Rachel/Quinn, Just a game, Any Rachel/Quinn, Keep your enemies closer, Any Rachel/Quinn, Lab partners, Any Rachel/Quinn, Library stacks, RRachel/Quinn, "Madi Don't Leave" by Play Radio Play!

Jealousy Ensues, Any Rachel/Finn, Future Fic Wedding, PG13-NC-17Rachel/Finn, Going all the way, RRachel/Finn, Rachel's pregnant by Finn, RRachel/Finn, "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift, Any Rachel/Puck, Bed, Any Rachel/Puck, "Bite me, Berry", Any Rachel/Puck, Costumes, NC-17Rachel/Puck, Cuddling, Any Rachel/Puck, "Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin, Any Rachel/Puck, Escape, PG-13 Rachel/Puck, Eye sex, Any Rachel/Puck, "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead, NC-17Rachel/Puck, First time, PG-13 Rachel/Puck, Future fic/kid fic, Any Rachel/Puck, Guitar lessons, Any Rachel/Puck, "I just don't know what I want", Any Rachel/Puck, "I love You.", Any Rachel/Puck, "I tried to be your friend.", Any Rachel/Puck, Jealousy, PG-13 Rachel/Puck, Lets try this again, Any Rachel/Puck, Lollipop, NC-17Rachel/Puck, Pink, Any Rachel/Puck, Skirts, PG-13 Rachel/Puck, Sleep, Any Rachel/Puck, "Sleepwalker" by The Wallflowers, Any Rachel/Puck, Smile, Any Rachel/Puck, Strip tease, R-NC-17Rachel/Puck, The best way to calm Rachel down before Sectionals/Regionals, PG-13 Rachel/Puck, "We're good for each other", Any Rachel/Puck, whipped cream, NC-17Rachel/Quinn ensemble, Truth or dare, Kurt dares them to make out, and they do it, so Puck dares them to go further, Any Rachel/Quinn, AU prison visit, Any Rachel/Quinn, A la a crime show where Rachel is the ADA, and Quinn is a detective (which how similar is this to Alex/Olivia?

Very), Any Rachel/Quinn, All the girls Finn's been into "turn" gay like Finn is a lesbian starter kit, Any Rachel/Quinn, Another makeover, Any Rachel/Quinn, "As long as the day is full of time, there will always be room for you hand in mine.", Any Rachel/Quinn, Baby fic, Any Rachel/Quinn, "Be my husband, and I'll be your wife.", Any Rachel/Quinn, Blackmail, Any Rachel/Quinn, Blind, Any Rachel/Quinn, Can't choose a wedding song, Any Rachel/Quinn, "Closer to Love" by Mat Kearney (AU is totally fine if you'd prefer), any Rachel/Quinn, Criminal by Fiona Apple, Any Rachel/Quinn, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), Any Rachel/Quinn, Dealing with their relationship being public knowledge, Any Rachel/Quinn, Dominatrix! Rachel singing the Alanis version of "My Humps.", Any Rachel/Quinn, Empty classroom, T or above Rachel/Quinn, Every Saturday, Any Rachel/Quinn, Eye patch kink, Any Rachel/Quinn, Film Noir Murder Mystery Thing, Any Rachel/Quinn, First date, R or lower Rachel/Quinn, Forced to sing a duet by Will and hook up in the process, Any Rachel/Quinn, Future!

3.) Please use this format for the subject line of your comment Couple: Prompt, Rating.4.) Prompts can be filled more then once and you can fill as many as you'd like.5.) The battle will end on the Becky, Cheerios winning Nationals, Any Brittany, Surprising everyone with extensive knowledge on a subject, Any Brittany, What is her last name?