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A source told the website "Rihanna wanted to get all the tea from Drake's party and Katy was the one to give it to her.

She assured Rih [Rihanna] that Drake was so not into Taylor and that Taylor didn't even look that good, despite what the blogs and people were saying on social media."The Roar singer is reportedly comforting Rihanna by poking fun at Swift.

It was later modified, and the stars briefly resumed a romantic relationship in 2012-2013, even though he still remained on probation.

Aside from Brown, Rihanna has also dated Drake and baseball player Matt Kemp. Brad Pitt Celeb Dirty Laundry Celebrity Rumors Rihanna Star Magazine November 5th, 2016 Rihanna is in love with Brad Pitt?!

An inside source told IB Times that Ri Ri was "sick about hearing" everyone talking about what Taylor wore, her hair and make-up.

As much as she has a love/hate relationship with Drake, she was furious at Taylor being the attention of the party.

Drake and Rihanna are becoming more and more of a legit couple with every passing day -- Rihanna just sealed the deal by getting a tattoo for Drake ... Sources tell us Rihanna got inked Wednesday night after Drake's concert in Miami with a little shark on her ankle.