Are tasie dhanraj and eugene simon dating

She assured them that she was fine and they shouldn't worry about her.

She explained that she had to be pulled out of school because her father's work had endangered her.

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However, he hasn't had many opportunities to showcase his talents, until 2015, when he filmed for the third installment of the dance franchise 'Honey'.

Joy Mercer is one of the main characters of the show House of Anubis.

Anastasia Katya Breezy "Tasie" Dhanraj (born December 22, 1990), also known by her stage name Tasie Lawrence, is a British actress and an occasional singer/songwriter. She is close friends with co-star, Klariza Clayton and shares an apartment with co-star Ana Mulvoy Ten. She was a singer/songwriter and had her own alternative dark pop band, the Woo Woos.

She has confirmed on Twitter that she has left her band because she wants to go in a different direction with her career.

Instead he took her to a man in a car outside of school (presumed to be her father).