Awkward dating stories

But for that first night, you usually get to see someone live out their best life or at least express their desire to. There have been plenty of nightmare scenarios that people have endured.Like these poor souls who tweeted about their worst first date experiences.

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I pretended to be ill and told him to go home, it was beyond awkward."7.

The one with the peri peri chicken I'd been speaking to a guy who had been trying really hard to impress me.

"As I was getting out of his car I accidentally said 'See you never', winked at him, and then hit my head on the car door." 3.

"One date spent the entire time telling me about his congenital ailments, and those of his family too (sister's missing ovaries and all).

I attempted to tell her I had no idea, but she didn't believe me."My recent dinner party didn't quite go to plan.