Brazil dating customs

For that reason we ask you to please send your own comments and experiences in order to add to our replies. I mean a serious courtship and the dating period (length). But a very observant and well rooted one, so I feel confident I can compare and contrast.

suddenly you’re drinking coffee, in a relationship, engaged, married, moving to Australia… If there are some good lines to say, or a perfect time to act, any ideal this and that for Brazilians, I’m afraid I am not aware of any. Maybe some of our readers can find something typically Brazilian when it comes to love? Thanks for your question and good luck, Vanessa Readers comments: Hi, Amy.

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Anyway, if you are wondering about it for yourself, there is nothing like a Brazilian girl or guy friend to advise you.

I suggest for social occasions in which to bring up this subject and get varied, interesting and relevant accounts.

Please note that when I say Brazilians or Brazil, I most likely mean people in São Paulo and São Paulo city.

And, of course, my views on each topic you mentioned might change with the addition of other factors such as age group, social background, etc.

Wow, 10 fingers can be worth more than a thousand words! In Brazil I hear about many couples that date each other for as much as 10 years before they marry. In general, though, if a couple dates seriously for 3 years in BR I’d say that most people would consider that long enough for getting engaged, specially in bigger cities.…Engagement By the time it happens with a BR couple, both families most likely already know each other quite well, each person has been “adopted” by the other’s family, the girl is best friends with his mom and the guy hangs out with her dad.