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Terfry says he’s thinking about adding storytelling elements to his live show, as it has become a huge part of the Buck 65 – fan relationship.

For those of you who are now thinking of using social media to become more engaged and open with fans, be aware that not all feedback will be positive.

Whether it drove Williams to his final fate we'll never know -- his graveyard-visit appearance in Season 4 of Louie seems now even more prophetic -- but I've seen it in a few comics I know, and in comedians I've worked with." James Taylor also spoke about Williams' highs and lows in a short but thoughtful Facebook post this afternoon.

"I felt two things immediately when I got the news last night: first that the light had dimmed and, on its heels, a sense that this was inevitable; that Robin had lived for a long time with a darkness at the periphery of his vision," Taylor wrote.

Phuture Doom uses Bitorrent to release augmented reality games, reaching millions of people.