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Although I myself have never been a big sports fan, I’ve always enjoyed going to Laker games.(Personally, I like going anywhere that serves vodka and caramel corn.) Sitting not too far from the floor at the Staples Center, while my boyfriend couldn’t take his eyes off the game, I would always be looking around the arena to see whether or not Jack Nicholson and Leonardo di Caprio were in the audience.

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I very bluntly reminded him that he was playing in a league at Fairfax High, not the NBA, but this did not change his position on the self-imposed “no sex before the big game” rule.

On the bright side, basketball season ends in June.

He loved watching basketball, playing basketball, listening to basketball on the radio, and talking about basketball. Because of his job, he was privy to some inside information, often of the salacious variety–for instance which professional players wives’ would give their husbands condoms before road trips and which players were well endowed, as well as which ones weren’t.

Having a boyfriend who worked on a sports show definitely had its perks.

This past summer and fall, in an attempt to unearth just what it is that makes us endurance junkies so “un-datable,” I conducted a rather unscientific social experiment: I went on 21 dates in 21 weeks, with 21 non-endurance athletes (a.k.a. Here’s what I discovered to be the top most misunderstood aspects of the endurance junkie’s lifestyle. We may seem extroverted because of our tendency to be outgoing when others are around. Either way, just be prepared for someone who likes to be a bit of a lone wolf. I felt relieved that clearly, I was not the only one to have experienced this phenomenon. A lot of triathlon lingo is centered around numbers, figures, and calculations. Needless to say, this typically isn’t considered very socially acceptable; women especially are deemed neglectful if they choose to pursue “hobbies” outside of family and even career.