Pornchat free talking - Dating ad crossword clue

Of the entries in my original submission, Will and Joel liked the NE/SE but disliked a buildup of proper nouns in the SW and the (non)phrase LEAVE LATE in the NW. After a little more back-and-forth, we settled on the fill you see.

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# This list is a reformatted and slightly updated version of one # compiled by Ross Beresford and posted to rec.puzzles.crosswords in # 1992.

Stuff like NESSES and ANAS aren't that great, but they're relatively isolated and don't have too many bad crossings IMO. A shame that this awesome phrase was used just over a month ago. All that goodness, plus the clue echo [Set off] for TRIP and IGNITED (two tenses!

As for clues, Will and Joel changed quite a few to bring this puzzle up to Saturday difficulty. This repetition — the central entry in both themelesses — reduced the impact of Dave's puzzle for me. ) and HATERS GONNA HATE running through it = great work.

Since the parking brake is set by the Universe, then you might have to take a different route. He told the family to go to prefference Mayo Clinic.