Dating and marriage in the bible

dating and marriage in the bible-55

After this there was a procession, generally to the home of the bridegroom, where feasting took place that might go on for days.

The processions often took place at night, when torches made for a spectacular display. The ten girls were involved in going out to meet the bridegroom, which makes it appear that they belonged to the brides party.

A widow or divorced woman wanted to be independent, not at the mercy of a husband who might or might not provide for her and her children.

The amount of this bride price was geared to the status and wealth of the girl’s family.

Chapter 16 How Herod, When He Had Married Mariamne, Took Jerusalem with the Assistance of Sossius, by Force; And How the Government of the Asamoneans Was Put an End to 1.

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