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Prices for groceries in Russia are on average doubled since 2013, while incomes remain the same or even dropped, as compared to “rich” years before the current economic crisis and inflation, which started in the second quarter of 2014 and rapidly advanced throughout 2015.

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Like they do in some traditional societies, they parents look out for "responsible" men or women for their children and get them connected and wedding afterwards.

How "responsible" this boy or girl is , to an extent determines how the marriage goes on, if happy or not. That being said, I gotta date even if just for a week ;it is very important to date the person you marry and i dont mean you know each other for 6 months and BAM get married. Why do you think some people even on this site wake up to a stranger daily? The world has changed, gone are the days of arrange marriage where you get to know each other after marriage. while you're dating, don't look desperate as if you're running out of time and can't wait to marry each other.

However, the divorce statistics showed an even deeper impact: there are 12.8% fewer divorces in 2015 as compared to the same period of 2014.

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