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It seems to me he has something else going on during the week, perhaps another lady friend?

I'm so proud of you that you never introduced your child to him! Always remember that actions speak MUCH louder than words.

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My husband is in the Army and has been for 20 years I myself am also a veteran. Sometimes they shut you out, but I can this usually when they say something they mean it.

I can't speak for everyone , but I know my husband will not say something if he doesn't mean it. Also, when we were dating when he would have to leave to got TDY (temp duty) he would avoid me or pick fights and after awhile he final came out and told me it was easier to be mad at me when he was gone because he missed me so much. If he has been deployed he may have a lot on his mind and it can be hard for them to talk about what is bothering him.

If this is how you are feeling now, it will only get worse.

Be strong and do what's best for your heart and your daughter!! I'm over 40, I've been married twice and have had many relationships. I'll be perfectly honest and please don't be offended...... If a man truly loves you he WILL move heaven and earth to see you before he leaves for 2 weeks for more than a crummy few hours.

This guy already seems to have things ahead of you so I would just let this relationship end. If you have doubts about him meeting her do NOT introduce them until you are 100% sure he will be sticking around. I sometimes think I won't introduce any new "boyfriends" to my daughter until we are engaged. Sorry I don't have any advice directly related to "military men". You still need to be happy in the relationship and feel safe and secure regardless of his profession. There are some great military resources for couples from support groups to counseling. married for nearly 5 years, 3 kids and a child of many divorces. Too often we women don't because we want to be loved and want to see the good in people.