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The last thing Korea needs is another Foreigner Rapes a Korean woman news headline.Texas Street The only place with uglier Filipinas than the Philippines is this putrid shit wipe of a street.

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Korean prices are 70k for 30 minutes, ~120k if you're Japanese (because they are willing to pay more, being richer and all), and ~70-80k for 30 if you're any other foreigner. Google Coordinates: 35.0945,129.0212 Haeundae The most infamous red light district.

From the Haeundae subway station, take exit 5 toward the beach.

You are essentially paying 50k to feel disappointed and ashamed of yourself.

Beomil Also tackled before, this is the gayest part of Busan, and it's still not very gay. All the big STDs can go undetected for a long time, and people DO get STDs in Korea.

I briefly mentioned prostitution in my neighborhood review of Deokcheon.