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Anyhow, my father didn't shell out the big bucks for those Gibsons as we hadn't even taken our first lesson, and to be honest, being a 9 year old at the time and happy to just get my own guitar..Stella to me looked like one of them Gibson sunbursts that were hanging on the sales wall. I own a slew of Gibsons including a 1965 LG1 and a 1964 J45 Custom Shop Reissue (that non-surprisingly look like two of those Gibbys that were hanging on that music store wall on day 1 of my guitar playing.) Just some warm memories of my early guitar playing.

QM aka Jazzman Jeff I started feeling the same way a few weeks ago with my 60's Kay which was the first guitar my Mom bought me. Hopefully it will be more playable, if not it's going back to be a wall hanger.

I have a lot of fun with my Oahu copy with a soundhole pickup.

It uses my burnt up strings from the real acoustics I play daily, which is another benefit.

This was back in 1962, so they were "vintage" Gibsons although they were brand new at the time.