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A chameleonic powerhouse, actor Thure Lindhardt first reached international audiences with a small role in the Oscar-winning "Pelle erobreren" ("Pelle the Conqueror") (1987).

Determined to reach his full potential as a serious actor, Lindhardt continuously chose challenging roles, including an autistic young man suspected of murder in "Her I nærheden" ("A Place Nearby") (2000).

Figlio di genitori divorziati, Lindhardt è nato a Copenaghen ed è cresciuto a Roskilde.

Quando aveva dodici anni, ottenne una parte nel film Pelle alla conquista del mondo di Bille August.

It is not common or calculating, but he follows simply his feelings and takes themselves, according to which he is." -About his character Hans in Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken.