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Show off -- if you have a good body, exercise in public places, go to the beach, the gym, and hit the slopes, If you have a keen intellect and are up to date on current affairs, join a trivia team, take a political affairs class, and volunteer for campaigns, if you have a lovely home, invite people over, offer it for events, and give a "share the wealth party" where the ticket for admission is your same-sex friend or acquaintance bringing a date they like very much but are not romantically interested in. Make lingering eye contact with any man you might be interested in meeting. Women will glance and think they've communicated interest when in fact their eye contact was so brief, he will be positive he's just been rejected.

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These are just some of the things you can do when dating direct to let us know that you are interested and want to take us out.

They are simple things and, will mostly cost you nothing.

In my 30 years of private practice, I've worked with more men than women. Many men tire of working at absolutely every area in their lives and are very attracted to women who can be their cohorts in fun -- women with ideas and multiple topics who are capable of taking initiative and be adventurous.

In my experience, men leave their wives less often for women who were younger, prettier, or sexier. For post-50s who may be slowing down professionally, this is especially true.

Then look away and glance back again with a quick smile.