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First of all, dating is a game like any other, and games are theoretically designed to be fun, sometimes even challenging. Yet through trial and error, we have the ability to become the deliberate creators of our dating experience.

Second of all, if dating is a game, and love is the prize, then you should be in it to win it. There are four primary player types you’ll come across in the dating game: the Rookie, the Major, the All-Star, and the Benchwarmer, each one of which has their own set of dating philosophies and principles. Do you want meaningless sex or do you want a meaningful relationship? These are important questions to ask yourself because your answer will determine how you approach your desired relationship. We live, we date, and then we learn; it’s as simple as that.

Welcome to the world of modern dating, dear friends, an age where love and romance are diluted by lustful desires for instant pleasures without consequence.

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She has a deep passion for helping her fellow singulars make peace with single life while making better relationship decisions.

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The problem with this backward model of courtship is that people are putting themselves at a higher risk to get pregnant or to contract a sexually transmitted infection without any guarantees of exclusivity.

What’s even more frustrating about this model is that sex doesn’t always guarantee a relationship.

The only way to consummate or guarantee a relationship these days is by having “the talk” which many can testify, isn’t always easy, especially if you have a good thing going and you don’t want to ruin it. That saying came from somewhere, and it came from people who don’t like having “the talk.”With so many different ways to communicate with people, it’s getting easier and easier to put off important conversations.

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    prior to dating someone , have a conversation with them about your dating goles if there is a big difference , for exemple: one of you is looking to get married & the other is dating for fun , you are likely to save a lot of time and grief by not even getting started . Et si a se passe bien qu'on dcouvre qu'on est heureux ensemble, on reste ensemble longtemps et c'est a qui fait une longue relation .

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