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The bad news is that we might have to deviate from the stdlib if it is indeed a bug with their implementation (or if it isn't a bug and we just want to go in a more flexible direction). It looks like there just isn't a blank line between the headers and the body. Not sure if we could smash the utf-8 back one line or simply ignore it.

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I'm not opposed to do go on a different route where instead of trying to parse malformed emails, we could try to write a different library that reads an malformed email, fixes it (pre-defined rules I guess) and then writes it out renewed. I could see this being a bit more flexible in the long term.

For now, let me go read through all the RFC's to see authoritatively what they say about this kind of stuff.

At the very least, I'll mention it to the Golang devs if they are, in fact, somehow not enforcing the same flexibility requested by the RFC.