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If you don't have any blocks for these IPs, i don't think this is the reason of our problem. PVU-Paris.as6453( 55.441 ms if-2-2.tcore1. PVU-Paris.as6453( 53.593 ms 54.137 ms 11 ( 67.484 ms 53.990 ms 53.356 ms 12 par-sa3-i. Another strange thing i just figured out doing some tests is that i can use Firefox to request url , and it's ok. I've seen some issues talking about NTLM authentication support and this page says "Please note that urrently NTLM proxies are not supported as they have not been tested". NET (1.125) 12.431 ms 12.197 ms 12.172 ms 3 so-4-1-0.

Nexus Index Manager - Updating index for repository: central| ERROR

Nexus Index Manager - Unable to update index for central|

m2e-1.0.100 has a bug in it that creates unnecessary load on Central, so Central was recently configured to forbid access to that and a few other buggy versions of m2e.

Can you update your version of m2e to a more recent version?

I have installed Artifactory 2.3.1 on Ubuntu Server.