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" "All day." "So - - there's nothing to stop us from not wearing a shred of clothes all day today?

" Jen gave me a sly look and raised one eyebrow, nonchalantly propping her head up on one hand. " Maybe it's because I'm dense, or maybe it's because I had just woken up, but that confused the hell out of me. She stuck her tongue out at me, but then we kissed, and her tongue was otherwise occupied.

well, I wouldn't say it had gotten out of hand, but it had certainly escalated. What if she regretted what had happened, and hated me now? Mom and Dad would certainly notice when she suddenly started treating me differently. I was worrying over things that hadn't happened yet. Clearly, there was only one real course of action - I had to talk to Jen. " I swear, my mother has the worst timing in the universe. About to burst, I only made it about halfway up the stairs before I told her, in a low voice, "We need to talk." Jen nodded back at me, biting her lip, waiting until we'd reached the top and glancing backwards before she answered. Should one of our parents come by, it would attract less attention for us to talk there, and it would let us see them coming. I don't know, the mood must have been right or something, because we leaned in, and we kissed. I looked at it for a while, then shrugged and tried to focus on the movie's final duel. I looked over at the bathroom, as if I could maybe still see her in there with her fingers in her pussy. Had she sat on the toilet, or had she been standing? She sat back, grinning while still biting her lower lip and nodding enthusiastically, looking excited and relieved and proud all at once.

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Doomed to years of psychotherapy at the hands of dour men with glasses and white coats? I still felt like a normal teenage boy with an addiction to video games, novels, and naked girls. "You're helping me out with this linear equation stuff," she said. She leaned back against her desk, while I sat on the floor, bracing my back against her bed. She let out a soft little sound, and her hand landed lightly on the side of my face. It's like someone dumping a bucket of cold water on you. After a few minutes, Jen got up and headed towards the bathroom. "Sorry I missed the ending." She looked at me again, her eyes merry. Not sorry." I laughed at that as I turned off the DVD player and the TV. "Yeah, I, uh, I think I do." "Well, then, maybe we should go to bed, so you can, uh, take care of yourself." "Yeah, that's... Well, then, goodnight." She crawled over to me and gave me a warm kiss on my cheek.

One of those naked girls just happened to be my sister, who I still loved and enjoyed spending time with, regardless of how much clothing she had on. My fingertips brushed skin at the hem of her shirt, then slipped under to find a little more. " she insisted, giving me another quick, desperate kiss. " She stared right into my eyes to make me understand how serious she was. Jen and I jumped a few inches away from each other on the couch, readjusting our clothing. "And good luck." With that, she sauntered - it's the only way to possibly describe that kind of walk - into her room and shut the door. it (we had a strong suspicion Dad did too, but he never admitted it in front of Mom).

Did I want to go further than that when Jen and I did have a few hours of nudity? I'd never gotten to touch a girl's pussy before, and I wanted to do it again.