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Oh yeah I also visited Guynana a month ago, many women of all races there are stuck up like New York women. I know more about Ricans and Dominicans then I do about my own people Bronx Guyanese in afew posts u mentioned some Guyanese being hostile towards you because they thought u were Rican or Dominican. Do English Caribbean folks and latino caribeans have some sort of bad blood between them In NY?

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I dont live around Black or Guyanese Indians, only know about Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, and Black Americans I live around these types of people!

I've noticed that the Indo-Trini girls are also more open to dating other ethinicities than Indo-Guyanese (though they are not too hostile toward other people). I know you're not no Guyanese spokesperson, especially since you live in the Bronx and you're not Indian, but why is that?

I was with some Chinese chick and she asked me and some other Guyanese guy how come Im this color and your that color?

Why I look like a Spanish and he looks Indian and dark.

They seem to have absolutely no regard or respect for their neighbors.

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