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It's a great show and I really enjoy watching it. This is really a top tier show, and easily the best American sitcom right since Eastbound and Down. Bottom line: extremely brilliantly written show, truly an unmissable one. The characters are interesting and funny, and the script is inspired in its portrayal of post-college frustration. Their frustrations and interactions with their boyfriends were great. I think all of the actresses are pretty good, but Dunham is the strongest and she is the one that is able to show what she's capable of, not just in her acting but in the writing and directing departments as well. Yeah in a way, and I can see what they do and realize why they do it, but that doesn't mean I have to like them.

The last three episodes were entrusted to her again and she immediately toned the mood down to shallow comedy with sketchy plot ideas that had nothing to do with her characters. The handsome and funny doorman at the party was pure Apatow and Hollywood stamp and it made me feel nauseous. Though they work with some (New York) clich├ęs in the show, I really have the feeling that I know people like that from my own life and experiences.

So what is apparent to me is that Lena Dunham only had a seasons worth of material in her and now all she can write is these fake sketchy ideas she tries so hard to fuse into her beautifully written characters. The early 20s, an age where you're on your own for the first time of your life, grown up but still clueless about life and what to expect from it.

If Murray Miller and Bruce Eric Kaplan had written the entire season this would have been a show I would force my grandchildren to watch. It's kind of an adventure to figure out who you are, what you want and where to go.

She should watch those two episodes again and again to understand that crazy things don't have to happen with every new episode. I really feel that "GIRLS" makes a great job capturing that feeling.

This show combined awkwardness and reality in such a way that a guy who says "I'll make the continent of Africa on your arm." during sex started to seem charming a couple episodes in because he made you laugh and was real as it gets.