Oracle if inserting or updating then

oracle if inserting or updating then-49

This statement can be used with any interactive tool, such as SQL*Plus or Enterprise Manager.

When using an interactive tool, a single slash (/) on the last line is necessary to activate the 0) DECLARE sal_diff number; BEGIN sal_diff := :- :old.sal; dbms_output.put('Old salary: ' || :old.sal); dbms_output.put(' New salary: ' || :new.sal); dbms_output.put_line(' Difference ' || sal_diff); END; / keyword if you want the trigger to query or change the same table, because triggers can only do that after the initial changes are applied and the table is back in a consistent state.

Because the trigger uses the clause, it might be executed multiple times, such as when updating or deleting multiple rows.

You might omit this clause if you just want to record the fact that the operation occurred, but not examine the data for each row.

create or replace PACKAGE test_write_scalability IS TYPE piped_output IS RECORD ( idxes NUMBER , cmnd VARCHAR2(255) , seconds NUMBER , id1 NUMBER); TYPE piped_output_table IS TABLE OF piped_output; FUNCTION run(n IN number) RETURN test_write_scalability.piped_output_table PIPELINED; END; create or replace PACKAGE BODY test_write_scalability IS TYPE tmp IS TABLE OF piped_output INDEX BY PLS_INTEGER; FUNCTION run_insert(tbl IN NUMBER, d1 IN NUMBER) RETURN VARCHAR2 AS r2 NUMBER := CEIL(DBMS_RANDOM.