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The method evolved from the tendency to formalize the archaeological process, especially through the work of LR Binford, DL Clarke, and JC Gardin.Computer science and mathematics are used to elaborate the means for transforming simple descriptions of archaeological data into cultural, economic, and social reconstructions of earlier societies.

By analyzing remains from different parts of a site it may be possible to understand some of the internal organization of the settlement, while a comparison between sites within a region may show areas of specialization.

CATEGORY: branch DEFINITION: The branch of historical archaeology devoted to the discovery and investigation of the places and artifacts recorded by the Bible and the study of Biblical times and documents.

, culminating perhaps in the discovery of Masada, the Judaean hill fortress where the Jews made their last stand against the Romans in the revolt of AD 66-73 and that was mainly excavated in 1963, has given a new perspective to Old Testament and to studies of ancient Judaism.

The value of archaeology and of topographical and linguistic studies for biblical history is well understood.

This branch of archaeology seeking to preserve the archaeological record CATEGORY: branch DEFINITION: Archaeological work conducted under the direction and regulations of governments or other agencies, especially under the aegis of federal or state legislation, and often in advance of highway construction or urban development.