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We have sent our gully clearing machine to the area to deal with any potential issues relating to possible blockages.

"We are not aware of other roads that need to be closed but we are closely monitoring the situation.

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Downpours blighted much of south-eastern England overnight, with Kew Gardens experiencing the wettest six-hour period, clocking nearly 1in (23.6mm) of rain.

Charlwood closely followed, with 0.9in (23.4mm) falling on the Surrey village and more than 0.7in (18mm) of rain recorded in just one hour at St Catherine's Point on the Isle of Wight.

"We have staff out at the moment checking on river levels which appear to be okay and other potential problem areas on the road networks.

Where appropriate we will arrange for further signage or road closures.

Resident Nigel Price said: “We can't get out of the house.