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**NEW TEAM: A new team is any team who hasn’t played in our league before, any team who played in a past season but not the 2016 summer softball season, or any team who played in the 2016 summer season but wishes to switch nights.

A Non-Refundable Deposit of $100 MUST be provided at time of registration.

You may only register for the same night you played the previous season.

If you wish to switch nights you are now considered a new team and you must wait until the new team registration.

Japanese names are in principle transcribed according to the Hepburn romanization system, but exceptions are admitted in certain cases, notably when the name is the katakana transcription of a foreign name (Japanese spouse or Japanese child of a foreigner), in which case the original spelling of the name in the Latin alphabet may be used, only if you submit the official document with the original spelling issued by the government (passport etc.).