Shriya saran dating

Dwayne is in Mumbai to shoot for a song with Neha Sharma for season 9.

According to a source, “Dwayne sees nothing wrong in having lunch with Shriya.

And the list of sponsors for every meal has the names of the 30 women he has dated that month. Sunder has been documenting all his dates on his Facebook page 365 Meal Dates, and plans to write a book about the same.

actress was seen walking out of restaurant in suburban Mumbai.

The daily also shared pictures of the alleged new couple.

The West Indies cricketer and the Bollywood and south Indian actress looked very comfortable with each other, as they walked out wearing matching black outfits – Shriya Saran in a black jumpsuit and Dwayne Bravo in a black T-shirt and jeans.

Seen here with actress Shriya Saran who took him out on date to Mamagoto in Lonkhandwala.

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