Spencer breslin dating

“[Streep’s] kind of known as being the greatest actress of all time, so it’s really intimidating to go into a table read with her and say your lines,” gushes Breslin, sitting on a couch in a suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Draped in a long maroon dress with bad girl boots and a biker jacket, she’s clutching the oversize pillow in her lap.

Strickler (the daughter of Edward Strickler and Margaret Stafford).

“For the past four years, since I was like 13, every single article that has come out, it’s ‘Abigail Breslin is all grown up!

” says Breslin, who is home-schooled and will graduate in June. I’m coping more with that, dealing with my friends and life in general — the whole growing-up process. “I was not trying to send a message to anybody about anything,” she says.