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Tiler says, "My best friend who was in the company now runs a Pilates Studio." Others are pre-med, lawyers, or in real estate.

"We have a dinner party that we do, a couple from the company comes, but it's nice to get away from dance to talk about other things.

is matched by effortless technical fireworks, and she is also an affecting actress.

Robbie will star in the Gene Kelly role in the first staged version of the film How do their colleagues react to this cornucopia of opportunity for these two stars whose marriage makes an even brighter beacon?

Robbie says, "Our most valued friends are outside the company.

Robbie is skeptical of programming that does not have an organic connection to dance. Two children, a larger two bedroom apartment, maybe some choreography together.

"Just because you are choreographed a lot on, you have a voice too," Robbie says, "and you want to see.

They couldn't be happier about that now that Megan is also married to a NYCB principal, Andrew Veyette.