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When support ends it means no more updates for the software involved in running an X360 and if the console stops working unless you can find a third party repair shop then its terminal.

Microsoft have a huge distinction between ending End User Support and switching off servers.

As long as theres someone willing to pay for their game to stay live there will be a server for it. It makes sense to me why they would pull support from the 360 because they want to sell more Xbox One's and get everyone playing the same game.

This all comes down to what they mean by "support." Is it all encompassing to include that all services and development for the console will cease? It also states that they will begin "phasing out" the 360 in 2016, which makes it sound more like they intend to gradually stop 360 development and services rather than end them all in one stroke. But my question is what happens to Wo T 360 when the 360 no longer has Microsoft's support, XBL engineers, and needed maintenance updates to keep everything running smoothly.

What happens to Wo T on the 360 if Microsoft really pulls the plug? Okay so you're saying that Live will still be available but there won't be any updates? Like no new Xbox models, controllers, wires, or you mean like maintenance on servers, software updates and that stuff?