Who is doug from the hills dating

Besides, it might be tough to keep track of those crushes. " Like most young women, Lauren is reluctant to settle down. "I've tried dating guys off the show, but it's hard.

In the past four years, Lauren's dated costars Stephen Colletti, Jason Wahler, Brody Jenner, and Doug Reinhardt. "I don't have the best dating track record," admits Lauren, covering her face with her hands and giggling. I'll do it to have a seminormal relationship, but it usually only goes for a date or two." A few highlights — or should we say ?

Girlfriend has reportedly been seeing mogul Cy Waits, who owns a variety of Las Vegas nightclubs! [, host Chris Wallace went after Reince Priebus, who is Donald Trump's Chief of Staff in the White House, regarding Trump's comments about the news media being the "enemy of the people." And you know how it is -- when you're The Donald and you've lost , well, you're probably losing everybody.

The two have been going at it for about a month now!

Growing up, she spent weekends going fishing with her dad, who now weighs in on her business decisions.