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According to a screenshot that's been circulating around Tumblr, the singers have had a cute back-and-forth conversation on Instagram.

He started off by joking that she's "friends with every single person on this earth," while Justin Bieber's "Baby" music video girlfriend called the "MMM Yeah" singer out for looking at too many of her photos. While Jasmine and Austin have hung out before, we don't know if he'd actually admit to looking at all her Insta pics — especially because he's still recovering from his tonsil removal surgery.

While she denied it, she admitted she’d have liked the story to be true.

‘I didn’t hit her, but I’d like to,’ she tweeted at the time.7.

Tell me who that is So you tired ain't cha, boy you don't look tired to me You just a liar ain't cha, you in the bed right next to me tellin her good night like yo ass 'bout to go sleep What does this look like, think you tryna make a fool of me But you're the fool there's only one fool in the room Its you, only thing I've ever asked of you is that you Don't lie (don't lie) don't lie (don't lie) look me in the eye and tell me why she can feel like You ain't mine hittin your phone talkin 'bout you're my baby Who that is actin like she can say that Who that is boy you know i don't play that hold on lemme finish who that is Why don't you reply Tell me who that is this late a night Who that who that (oooh) Who that who that (oooh) Who that Who that (oooh) Who that is?