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Current waterproof cameras offer optical zooms ranging from 3x to 8x, so the 45x zoom would be way beyond the competition. Light that passes through the two liquids is refracted to focus on the sensor.

Camera makers have to be creative to set themselves apart from the competition.

This often results in so-called innovations that are either gimmicky or just beyond the realm of practicality.

Since the liquid lens has no moving parts, it is also more durable.

MORE: Camera Wars: Why Autofocus Is the New Megapixel University of California, San Diego, project Smartphone cameras can never aspire to be DSLRs … A team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego, has developed a wide-angle lens in a tiny body that's a tenth the size of a comparable DSLR lens.

This isn't Sony's first curved sensor project, and other companies have worked on similar products.