Woman not calling a man when dating

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Say you meet a nice woman on you’re lunch break whilst you’re in the coffee shop and she gives you her phone number. Here are the steps that I would usually follow: 1) Send her a text later the same day saying nothing more than: “Pleasure to meet you today -(Your name)” The purpose of this is simply to provide a quick reminder of your encounter and to give her an opportunity to save your name and number in her phone.

This text doesn’t require any response, although you’ll often get one.

You had a first date and it wasn't anything out of a romance novel and you just want to sit back and see what happens. If I'm interested, she'll know it, cuz I'll tell her. If we have had a few successful dates, I would hope that we are talking regularly, not sporadically, unless that was the arrangement.

Sorry, if a person is really interested, there should be an equal ammount of communication EACH WAY. I was just curious, if a man and woman have exchanged numbers and had a couple successful dates..the man ever just contact the woman sporadically as a way to see how interested they are in them and if the woman will take the initiative to contact them? If they ever return a call, I re-add it to the phone. Other than to call and set up a date, I don't call.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. If I ever feel like I am doing all of the calling I delete the person's number to see if I get a phone call. lol I dont think a woman should expect more than that unless shes told you she likes to be called. so for you the answer to the topic question would be YES ! If I don't get a call back, I delete the number from my cell phone.

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