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You would think this would make Dubai dating an absolute haven for women looking for a partner but it does not seem to be so.It is much more difficult to determine the correct protocols for dating in Dubai than what a mere glance at the codes of conduct would indicate.

In fact, conservative Islamic and Arabic families in Dubai require the man request permission from a woman’s father to date her.

The father’s ultimate expectation if you are dating his daughter is that it will ultimately end in marriage.

The New Dubai Code of Conduct, updated in November, 2010 by the Executive Council under the direction of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoom, king and Chairman of the Council, attempts to clarify the expectations of social conduct, including the various aspects affecting dating in Dubai.

Obviously, the first order of business is to find someone you are interested in dating in Dubai if you are traveling without a partner.

Specifically, in dating someone in Dubai, it is important to maintain decency in everything you do.